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Average rating 3.85 (14 votes)
Operator Dennis Noyes IMDb
Year 2014
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director J.M. Cravioto
DP Byron Werner
Company Dark Factory/Itaca
Length of Shot 02.02
Submitted by Dennis Noyes
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Bound To Vengeance
"Up the Stairs", By Dennis Noyes

A oner that is constantly hinging and letting go of our main protagonist as she searches the house ending up in the second floor. Turning from follow to POV back to follow


Operator's Commentary
"Today is your day" they say and " ohh.. and get us out by lunch". Its was my first feature as A camera/Steadicam and It had been a real struggle, great people low budget/all nights some of you might have been on something similar...

The whole day was planned about getting this oner, which was originally 3:00 but was cut. I remember walking the shot and trying to figure out how I was going to get through a real narrow area at the base of the steps.

I had many by this point been fortunate to have done a class with Chris Harhoff, and I remember him telling me about breaking the shot down in to little parts. Although this seems small it this really helped me break down the shot

I ended up taking the Mattebox off, making the rig very light, and a very neutral.

Looking back now I remember it like this:

I started with a parallel move to then hinge around her to close up, then following (Tina Ivlev) into the kitchen, then I let her go into the living room and reveal hear again, I would hinge clockwise and she headed towards the kitchen. if you pause minute 0:34 you can see the area between the steps and the kitchen wall.

I kept thinking about getting a nice siluette from the window and not stoping a constant movement. Here is were it got complicated for me, I had to fit in this tight little pocket that gave way to the stairs as i compensated for a step or two. then give a cue for her to apear again.

The stairs with a neutral and light PRO RIG were not as tricky as the rest, just had to watch out on headroom landing at the top of the steps and then get by the left side of Tina move out stoping the movement. The shot then turned to POV and she pointed the Flashlight around the room to enter frame again. 18 takes later we got it.

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