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Operator James Muro IMDb
Year 1995
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Kathryn Bigelow
DP Matthew F. Leonetti
Company Lightstorm Entertainment
Length of Shot 3:16
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Strange Days
"POV Robbery", By James Muro

This is an amazing shot. It was executed using a completely custom built 35mm camera weighing only 8lbs. That was mounted atop a modified Steadicam which gave it a more human-like POV feel, rather than an objective camera feel. There are a few edits hidden amongst the fast pans since production was not able to find one location that had everything they needed. The edits are hidden very well and the overall effect is incredibly convincing.

These POV sequences are what Strange Days is based on. There are a number of them throughout the film. This setup was designed specifically for them.


Operator's Commentary
This was the final sequence we shot& we had a 3 pm call and did the scene and wrapped by lunch. It had been talked about for months& There are cuts hidden in there of course& Most of the inspiration "Steadi-side" for this sequence was Garrett Browns "Molston Golden" beer commercials from the 80's. That he produced and Directed& all steadicam, "all POV". We started figuring this stuff out Whilst filming "Tru Lies" with Arnold.. There is a very subjective shot in there where Arnold was drugged& I used the SL cine handheld, and tried to put it where Arnolds head was to see what he saw. (I convinced Jim to purchase an SL cine camera for "Strange days" so he did.) It was an converted Arri 2C. had 200 foot magazines, with Magnesium and plastic to keep it light. Back to the shot& The car stuff was interesting , Its handheld AAton. My left hand and a stuntman's Right. good fun. Interior restaurant stuff Was half HH and then tricky swish pan edit, running up the stairs was the small steadicam. SL cine camera ,200' loads. MOS camera. The sled was the prototype Steadicam SK (we bought this sled because the production run was different and not useful to me) That sled was produces for Hi 8 video cameras& Cinema Products said "not good for film camera use" so that was the first thing we did. This sled was used for all transitional type shots, and proceeded to "keep me young" as it was lightweight, for a very long time after this film& It worked on "Heat" 1995? and right up to Titanic, where i finally retired it and bought a PRO light sled in 1997. The roof top had a cut from the helicopter whip down to finally a stuntman wearing the "Famous" helmet cam for the jump across and the fall.

Equipment Used
SL cine camera, Aaton 35, SK steadicam rig.

Shot Elements
Whip Pans
Visual Effects


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